A Key Scent

Rent THE BEST SALESMAN in Orlando !

If you have had the Pleasure of seeing Mr.Tee in action with 'A Key Scent', then there is nothing else to talk about.......if you haven't, ask somebody.

The idea of Mr. Tee lending a hand for the greater good of your company came from the many Pop Up events that we did where people would watch in awe at how Mr. Tee commands the attention of every guest that walks in the building and closes every conversation with a sale. I Alicia Keys, know that if Mr. Tee were not standing beside me at events, my sales would be nonexistent because I am shy and would rather not talk to crowds. So, if you need a break or simply want a selling machine with you at your next event, Mr. Tee has your back.

There is a $25 booking fee with payment at $15/hr.
You pay the $25 to book now and will be invoiced the hourly before your event.

Please email your response to [email protected] or text 407-252-2424:

Will you provide a shirt for Mr.Tee?
What day and time is your event?
What are the hours of your event?
Will you provide transportation for Mr.Tee?
Do you need to book multiple events in advance?