A Key Scent

Books By Alicia, Brady and A.C Keys !

I'm a good girl, why me?-

She grew up sooner than she was supposed to, having seen the world in a way that little girls are not supposed to. In fifth grade, she lost her virginity to her first love. At thirteen, she got pregnant with the same guy, which caused their relationship to fall short. She was later labeled as the black sheep and had her self-esteem slowly broken into pieces. But all these deplorable experiences she went through while growing up only served as the foretelling of the even bigger challenges that awaited her in the future. Yet amid her journey through a seemingly dark alley, God gave her an awesome gift and she found a way to muster her courage and live life in search for the love that she truly deserved. Written in a lighthearted tone and in a witty and humorous manner, Im a Good Girl, Why Me? chronicles Keys story of survival. It inspires readers with its testimony of hope, resilience, courage, and victory. It unfolds how one woman trekked through an incredible journey of pain and how she eventually found her happy ending with the promise of a new love.

The Brady Keys Jr Story-

A powerful and riveting biography of a black man, born in the 1930s, who overcame adversities to become a business pioneer. He was the first black person in this country to: * Start a fast food chain * Own a Burger King franchise * Own a KFC franchise In his own words, Keys tells the story of his rise from poverty in Austin, Texas, to becoming professional football player; a businessman and to finding the Lord. Keys also openly and frankly discusses his relationships with a mother who raised him; a father who desserted him; a wife who loved him; children who idolized him; friends who betrayed him; and God who blessed him. This inspirational and provocative story leaves readers drained but hungry for more.

It's a piece of cake -

Recipes from the A.C Franklin Collection!

This is a 3 in 1 book: cookbook, biography and cake history book.